Engineering Social Change

A population of over 1.2 billion people, a majority of which continues to live in poverty, takes home in a year what an entry level graduate earns in a month. Million's can't even read or write. Countless women and girls lack even basic human rights including right to education, sanitation and healthcare.

Since independence, a lot has changed for the better though, but it is clearly not enough, given our growing population and problems associated with it. Good samaritans, corporates, governments and non government organizations have worked hard to bring about a positive change, but a larger scale change is possible only through continuous education of our populace.

Through its highly interactive live learning and tutoring platform, iScholar offers a proactive step forward to good samaritans, corporates, governments and non government organizations keen on bringing about social change through cost effective, continuous education.

Looking beyond this initiative, iScholar invites high networth individuals, corporates, governments and non government organizations to

  • Support its growing iScholarship program through funding, content or technology support
  • Use its live learning platform to implement a variety of interactive citizen education programs in areas of their choice

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Technology has the power of not only bridging the divide between, but also expediting the transition. Recognized the world over for our technology acumen, India has the power of bringing out greater social change cost efficiently and quickly through the confluence of Information Technology (IT), Communication and Internet technologies. And more specifically through deployment of live learning and tutoring experiences offered by iScholar.

As a first step forward, iScholar has begun offering the iScholarship program targeted at the economically challenged but academically interested students from urban, semi urban and rural communities. The initiative is designed to ensure no child loses the right to education just because of poverty. Qualifying criteria is simple and those who qualify, irrespective of their age, gender and geographical location, are invited to take online schooling, access language proficiency courses or attend exam preparation courses available on the iScholar learning platform, free of charge.