Live Tutoring Courses

iScholar Live Tutoring Courses, running on iScholar Learning Platform, enable anytime, anywhere collaborative learning for students and professionals to study in a near “in-person” experience, complete with customized study plans, assessments, remedial and “two way” and “one way” interactions.

Live Tutoring Courses

Our disruptive technology model allows us to take the best faculty to classrooms all over the world in a real-time, 2-way interactive mode solving to a large extent, the acute shortage of quality faculty, thereby helping create exponential infrastructure growth in the education sector

  • Targeted at schools and colleges
    • With multiple branches by limited access to quality faculty
    • Keen on offering online courses to remote students
  • Real time 2-Way interaction
    • Between teachers and students i.e. students can ask question to the teacher taking the class and same teacher answers
    • Peer to peer interactions – between students attending the same course

iScholar Learning Platform also enables seamless delivery of video based content from popular subject matter experts to students unable to access such courseware due to their academic, geographic, economic or other considerations.

  • Content
    • Developed especially for iScholar by subject matter experts
    • Various categories of courses available including exam preparation, academic subjects.
  • “One Way” interaction
    • Students after viewing the video can ask questions, but will not receive a direct response from the same teacher in the video. However, they will receive a near real time response via email, chat or LMS.